sexta-feira, setembro 01, 2006

Sugestão musical da semana..para quem não conheça ainda

"Que sera"
"Where my heart's at (feat The Others)"

"Lost the Way"

" 2005 may be a very good year for Wax Tailor. Following the warm welcome received after two successful EP "Lost the Way" and "Que sera / Where my heart’s at" Wax Tailor now delivers his awaited first album, a 52 minutes tour in the depth of his "cinematic hip hop".
18 tracks that will for sure raise memories.
Wax Tailor uses samples in his music as film directors use actors. His record is conceived as an orchestral movie between hip-hop and downtempo where WT hijacks « the forgotten melodies» and tells a story of his own where each track is a sequence. " in here

PS: não é nada de novo mas ando a ouvir e lembrei-me de sugerir à malta.

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